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Daily Buzz - December 12, 2013

Unique Holiday Gifts

TextbusterRoboReel Power, & RoboReel Water


Daily Buzz - November 29, 2013

LG - Trends in Energy Efficiency
from Greenbuild 2013

LG - StudioLG - HVACLG - Art Cool,  & LG - Solar


Daily Buzz - December 06, 2013

Part II

SlamStop, Textbuster, & Mobile Home


(800) 561-1110
  • Prevents the Driver from accessing all Text, Email, or Internet functions in the car
  • Sends a Blocking signal via Bluetooth to the driver's phone
  • You will be able to receive and make phone calls
  • This is done automatically every time the user enters the vehicle
  • It is hidden under the dash and installs in minutes
  • Will not interfere with any other hands free or Bluetooth product
  • When the Key is 'On' Texting is 'Off'
  • This product could save your life

RoboReel Power

(888) GR8-STUFF
  • Winds in fast and slows down to docking speed preventing whipping action
  • Power will shut off in less than a second if cord is accidentally severed
  • Redundant Thermostats help prevent overheating and fire hazards
  • Will not accidentally wind in while a power tool is in use
  • It will not pull a power tool out of your hand
  • Stops winding if cord is stepped on or obstructed

RoboReel Water

(888) GR8-STUFF
  • No assembly
  • 100' or 150' feet of hose and all nozzles and accessories included
  • Power Assist feeds you the hose when you pull it out
  • One-Touch rewind--with the remote or on top of the unit--never carry a hose again
  • Water on and off at the touch of a button on the remote
  • 360 degree rotation gives you water in all directions
  • Can also set automatic timing for watering when you are not present
  • Automatic Watering in 20 minute segments up to 6 hours per day and up to 30 days
  • Remote can be used when NOT attached to the hose--sprinkler, etc.
  • Double O-rings eliminate leaking and save water
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 4 year warranty or 4,000

  • Duct-Free Split Air-Conditioning and Heating
  • Quieter and use less energy than conventional air conditioners
  • Simple installation
  • Energy conservation by targeting areas that need cooling or heating

  • Cut energy bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Delivers 300 watts of electricity
  • Weighs under 37 pounds
  • Easy installation and meets regulatory requirements

  • Innovative Retracting System for Smooth Noiseless Automatic closing of Car doors
  • Works for both Front and Rear Doors of all cars regardless of age and model
  • Minivan owners can also benefit from the compatible system for sliding doors
  • Installs in a little over an hour, and by a qualified dealer


$ 179.00
(800) 561-1110
  • Text blocking and vehicle tracking device
  • When the key is on texting is off
  • Does not block phone calls, no monthly fees or service charges
  • Simple to install, works on any vehicle


$ 79.00       Amazon $ 59.99
(972) 215-7300
  • Instant in-car access to Siri
  • Keep eyes on the road
  • Utilizes the existing Hands-Free system in your car
  • D I Y sets up in one minute


Daily Buzz - November 26, 2013

Part I

Escort , ARWS, & Schrader

  • The world's first and only High Definition radar detector
  • Uses advanced high speed Digital Signal Processing technology
  • Like NASA eliminating background noise, PASSPORT Max can see radar signals hidden below the RF noise floor (sees signals that no other detector ever will)
  • Established all new measurement records for the 3 key radar metrics including: sensitivity (the ability to see extremely small signals); speed (PASSPORT Max scans for signals 50 times faster than any other RD); range (the ability to see signals farther than any other detector ever designed)
  • Bonus: all new Hi Res Mulit-color OLED Display (red light cam icons, speed & over speed limit alerts, and more); connects to ESCORT Live, the social network for the road


$100.00 to $ 125.00 per Wheel
(800) 518-3040
  • The SAFE Wheel Repair company
  • Franchising to Auto Dealers, Collision Repair Shops, Tire Dealers, Auctions, etc
  • Full service wheel repair company; located in 47 states, 17 countries
  • Perform onsite cosmetic and straightening services in mobile unit
  • Workmanship is backed with a lifetime warranty
  • Specialize in wheel personalization (flat black, gloss black, powder coating and other colors)
  • Many locations provide remanufacturing services for complex repairs


$75.00 to $150.00 per Sensor
(800) 345-0578
  • Over 250,000 accidents per year are attributed to Low Tire Pressure
  • Proper recognition and response to the Warning Symbol can save your life
  • Sensors have been required by law in the US since 2008 for Cars and Light Trucks
  • Each of your 4 Tires have TPMS for Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • In addition to safety, TPMS also provides better fuel efficiency when tires are inflated properly



Thursday, April 27, 2016

Dr. Frank's Picks

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