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February 04, 2014


LG - Studio / KBIS-IBS


Daily Buzz - January 30, 2014

BEST of CES 2014 - Part 1

LG SoundplateLG G-FlexEscort - Media Flair,  & Textbuster


Daily Buzz - February 18, 2014

BEST of CES - Part 3

ShieldSak, Kwikset, TV Soundbox, & Adorne
Americans Eager to Upgrade Kitchen Appliances
(800) 243-0000

Key Insights from Nationwide Consumer Study
  • A new nationwide survey finds that the majority of homeowners lack pride in their kitchen, with only 12 percent saying they like to show off the room. At the same time, the study, commissioned by leading appliance manufacturer LG Electronics, showed that 25 percent describe the kitchen as the central point for the family

  • Upgraded kitchen appliances are in such high demand that 95 percent of homeowners would even be willing to give up something they enjoy for 12 months, including sex (18 percent) or, for those who are married, winning fights with their spouse (27 percent), to receive upgraded appliances

  • Fifty-three percent of homeowners describe their kitchen as outdated and 58 percent say their kitchen doesn’t have all the appliances they need. That’s likely why 69 percent plan on updating their kitchen, with 66 percent of them saying they will do so in the next two years

  • Over two in three (67 percent) of homeowners consider the refrigerator their most crucial home appliance; however, many are unhappy with their current model. Chief complaints include a lack of freezer and storage space, food spoiling before the expiration date, and inefficient use of energy

  • More than half (51 percent) of homeowners have ovens that lack a self-cleaning function and have to spend significant amounts of time cleaning this appliance by hand. Almost a third (32 percent) of homeowners say they’ve had to cook a meal in shifts due to a lack of cooking space in their oven ranges, and half (50 percent) state their oven doesn’t cook or bake food evenly

  • When dishes don’t come out clean, 37 percent of homeowners with a dishwasher blame this appliance. Nearly eight in 10 (78 percent) complain the appliance doesn’t leave the silverware or dishes spotless. More than a quarter (28 percent) of those homeowners who use a dishwasher wipe down or scrub their dishes before loading them in the machine

  • Dishwasher design is also an issue. More than half of respondents (58 percent) report it doesn’t fit all the dishes their household uses in a day and 42 percent complain it is difficult to load


Under $500.00
(800) 243-0000
  • LG SoundPlate is an innovative speaker system that fits under the TV
  • Sound Plate gives a sound boost for today’s thin flat-panel TVs
  • Features a 120W, 4.1 channel sound system with dual built-in subwoofers
  • Bluetooth® capabilities, allow users to wirelessly stream and play music from their phones or tablets
  • Today’s Flat Panel TV’s have traded speaker size to achieve their thin profile
  • A perfect compliment for watching TV, movies or Sports with the family
  • Designed to act as a pedestal, you can put the TV right on top of it
  • The compact design and matte finish, easily integrates into the home’s decor

LG G-FLEX (World's First Curved Smart Phone)

Price / Availability Coming Soon
(800) 243-0000
  • G Flex -- the world’s first curved, flexible smartphone
  • Features a stunning 6 inch curved OLED HD display, which helps reduce glare
  • Provides an immersive cinematic viewing experience
  • Design follows the contour of the face
  • LG G Flex is lightweight. Its shape makes it more ergonomic and comfortable to hold
  • It is the only smartphone with a curved battery, which gives it all day power
  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor makes it lightning fast
  • LG is the industry leader in curved OLED TV technology. It is a natural progression for the company to apply their innovative tech and design heritage to smartphones
  • The LG G Flex offers an outstanding voice and sound experience because the distinctively curved, flexible sending texts and emails, or watching movies and browsing the web

  • An exciting new way to listen, watch, and share your media
  • A personal Wi-Fi Streaming Accessory
  • Simply load your Photos, Movies, and Documents on the included SD card
  • Download Free App and insert the SD Card share media at no cost, no contract
  • Works with iPods, iPhones, iPads, Galaxy, Kindle Fire and more...
  • It's perfect for road trips with the kids, business travel, and tailgating
  • Share content with up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • Download free app - load any SD Card ... then listen, watch, share from ANYWHERE!
  • Wirelessly share & stream movies, music, pcs, docs and more
  • Comes w/ standard 8 Gb SD card and takes up to 128 Gb
  • Stream different content to up to 5 users, simultaneously!
  • 12V charger and Built-in Battery allow up to 4 hours mobile streaming!


(800) 561-1110
  • Prevents the Driver from accessing all Text, Email, or Internet functions in the car
  • Sends a Blocking signal via Bluetooth to the driver's phone
  • You will be able to receive and make phone calls
  • This is done automatically every time the user enters the vehicle
  • It is hidden under the dash and installs in minutes
  • Will not interfere with any other hands free or Bluetooth product
  • When the Key is 'On' Texting is 'Off'
  • This product could save your life


$ 69.99 and up
(435) 649-9009
  • A lightweight fabric bag which blocks signals capable of reading or hacking into your critical information
  • SHIELDSAK was tested from 30 MHz to 10 GHz and had an average attenuation of (72 dB)
  • Incredible shielding effectiveness
  • Pocket friendly
  • Soft lightweight durable rip stop nylon infused with precious metals
  • Used by the military and government, celebrities, high profile executives, and travelers worldwide

  • Key less entry for ultimate convenience and safety
  • Home Connect technology integrates with home security and automation systems via Z-Wave, allowing the locks to communicate with other wireless products in the home
  • SmartKey ® re-key technology, that allows homeowners to re-key their locks in seconds
  • Can be locked or unlocked remotely via any web-enabled device (including smartphone) from anywhere
  • Individual user codes can be assigned for family members and service providers
  • This version has the smallest interior footprint of any lock in its class

  • Wireless ! Brings TV sound right in front of you
  • No more annoying loud volume
  • Hi-Fidelity speaker delivers rich full sound
  • Rechargeable Battery up to 8 hours of listening time


$ 29.00 and up
(877) BY.LEGRAND (877) 295-3472
  • So what are you doing for your switches and outlets?
  • 7 beautiful new on / off switches - 5 matching dimmers
  • 32 finishes to match any style
  • Undercabinet system rescues the backsplash...power, lighting, charging, phone & tablet cradles



Thursday, April 27, 2016

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